Sunday, December 21, 2014

Prague Arrival

Dec 19: 2 a.m. pickup to airport.  Everything went smoothly until we pulled away from the gate.  Then one of the passengers decided he wasn't going to fly with us.  Stop plane, unload belly bags, spend ridiculous amount of time going through every bag in the cabin to find any that don't belong.  We left an hour late and saw our two-hour Athens layover slip.  Slept 2.5 hour to Athens. Arrived in Athens to transfer between terminals.  Dip passports are a problem.  Greece requires visas for Dip passports even on transfers.  Guy is really annoyed with us, ian argues, we hear the words "turn you around," Ian regains calm, we get stamped, and discover that to move from one terminal to the next we actually enter Greece. Who designed that airport? Find next gate 10 minutes before boarding, thankful that in Amman we got boarding cards for both legs. Spend the second flight worried we would be rejected from Czech Republic.

Czech Republic doesn't even have immigration for our flight.  Hello E.U.

Find a place to eat. Wait 1.5 hours for Gormans.  Yay, Gormans!  Wait 1.5 hours with 2 Gorman boys for Katherine.  Yay, Katherine!  Wait 30 mins for shuttle bus to doentown Old Town.  8 people, 8 seats.  Phew.  Shuttle bus takes an hour and drops us at the only stop it makes, across the street from the hotel.  Cool.  Try to return Gorman boys, no Gorman parents around.  Track them down, head out to the big market, fall in real serious bidding interest with Prague.  Cold, but not awful.  Pretty lights. Yummy food. Walking and walking and walking.

We all bought executive lounge privileges which provides a gathering space for breakfast, dinner, games, movies, and unlimited snacks and drinks.  There are 8 kids between us, that's a lot of snacks and drinks.

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  1. Prague is amazing! I would love to be posted there one day! And yes, the 'no immigration' arrival is a bit unnerving when you are expecting the typical 'stare and stamp welcome'. I felt like I had snuck into the country.