Monday, December 22, 2014

Prague: Dec 20 and Dec 21 and Dec 22

We're at our hotel for a week, which is awesome.

Day one full day we all did the leisurely breakfast thing, bundled up, and walked our way to the Charles Bridge.  Lots and lots of pretty arty things to buy and we only lost Shay and Nicholas once.  We coissed the bridge and they weren't at the end.  These boys, they basically had run of the town between familiar points, namely Christmas markets.  Becca rescued them from the other end, we kept going to a warm Starbucks, and on the way back to the bridge split up from the Gormans.  They headed back to the hotel, the girls with Ian and I visited the Karel Zeman special effects museum.  You may not know him, but if you know Terry Gilliam's art then now you know where he got his inspiration.

A brass quartet played catols from the top of a nearby tower.  Back across the bridge where we saw a pack of wolves. Most were muzzled, all were wild.  Seriously people, wolves for pets?

At the hotel we pulled out new card games and played in the lounge.

Next morning, leisurely start (I like leisurely starts), and we walked to the Jewish quarter with the Gormans.  Word to the rest, if you choose not to do the audio tour there's not much else to guide you through.  The cemetary is remarkable in a way, but again, bring a thorough guidebook if you want to know anything about it.

Meandered back to the main market and had a pizza and pasta lunch (one can eat only so much pork sausage). At first we wanted to go to Pasta Fresca, but a party of 12 for Sunday lunch without a
reservation led to many raised eyebrown.  Next door had no problen seating us, but the food was marginal.

We all split up, Becca, Ian, and I visited the market at Wenceslas Square, discovered the movie theater and decided to see "Interstellar."  Long and with some questionable science. Hrm.

This morning, leisurely start.  Nice pattern really. Farewells to the Gormans after finally seeing buckets of Christmas carp on the sidewalk next to the morning Starbucks run.  Back to Wenceslas Square, with first a visit to the Museum of Communism, then lunch at a kind of hole in the ground Czech restaurant.  The goulash was Ok.  Katherine liked her pig knee.  Becca decided she needed to get some chocolate back at the big market and that's where we lost Katherine who did eventually find her way home.

City center old Prague is easy and we really enjoy that everyone has a key card and knows where the hotel is. Easy, easy.

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