Monday, December 29, 2014

The odds and ends of Prague.

Did you know Prague has canals?
It used to have even more, but they've been filled.

Brass quartets on a bridge playing carols.  Quaint,
and it totally blocked under-bridge traffic.

A Christmas tree decorated with film.

Wolves as pets.  Really?  REALLY??  It's a wolf gathering.

What's better than wolves?

Carp is what's better than wolves.  Carp.  That you're supposed
to keep in the bathtub until you kill it yourself to eat on Christmas.
If that isn't holiday spirit I don't know what is.

Or just go for mistletoe.  Some appeared gold dipped.
Those probably cost more than a $1.50

Decorated trees everywhere.

Jamal Sam came along.  He thought the chocolate anchovies
looked tasty.
Some museum signs are creepy.

The city has several lock bridges.  Take that, Paris.

Truly the weirdest thing on the trip.  In front of the Kafka Museum
is a piece of art depicting 2 men peeing into a puddle the shape of
the Czech Republic.  The weird part? The statues move, in a
"wiggle your hips and other parts" way.

Upon our departure Jonathon wanted this photo.
A deserted Christmas morning street with dumpster.

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