Sunday, December 28, 2014

So what's there to do in Prague besides stare at buildings and eat/drink yourself silly?

Shop!  Or at least try on every silly hat available.

Read the posters. Then decide which places to visit.

Do silly camera things in a Starbucks.

Pretend you're flying an imaginary machine at the Karel Zeman museum.

Try to outdo your sister in the silly faces contest.

Play around with depth (same museum)

Who did it better?

Karel Zeman was an imaginitive (AKA, weird) guy

Prague is a great place to hang out with friends.  Even cranky ones.

Friends can be furry too.

Or listen to sidewalk groups.  This group was better than the vuvuzela guy.
Not as good as the bagpipers.

And really, segways.  Cool, fun, segways.

Segways at the bottom of the hill.  Segways at the top of the hill.

And culture.  There was a lot of culture to be had, but we skipped
all but a little ballet.

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