Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's Tuesday.

Nothing much ever happens on Tuesdays, have you noticed that? So I'm at home this morning surrounded by papers I'm shuffling through and basically trying not to entirely zone out. I could be in the ARC library finishing up the kids books, but I'm not. I'm here for the next 2 1/2 hours listening to music and generally relaxing. Tough life.

With the end of afterschool activities comes free afternoons, unless you're on the swim team. And now we have two little Sailfish in the family for Rebecca has joined the team. She's far from a great swimmer, but her sister has welcomed her and she gave it a good effort. The other kids have several months of training on her, but I figure this much... she'll get some regular exercise, improve her strokes and decide if she'd like to continue it at our next post.

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