Thursday, December 9, 2004


I have to say "owie" for how my mouth currently feels after have some gum removed from covering a wisdom tooth.

During the procedure I felt like I was inhaling totally burnt chicken. How's that for a thought? It was nasty and my gum looks plain awful. The dentist assured me that it wouldn't hurt when the local wore off and that it would most likely itch. ITCH? No sir, the anaesthetic is wearing off and I can definitely say it does not itch. It plain hurts. Owie.
So now I'm at home for a few minutes before getting the boys and I have a list of things to accomplish a mile long and I just want to take a nap. I should at least get all the rest of the clean clothes put away. I've gotten -so- bad at that. Taking the clothes down, sorting, putting in washer, putting in dryer, taking out of dryer... all in a day's work. Actually folding and putting them away? It can take weeks. I'm not kidding. It's bad. But the other day Ian and I went through both baskets and put them all in separate piles. Now the piles have been on the floor for two days and I'm telling myself right now to get them gone. Here I go... watch me go...
OK, all done. No, that's a lie, there's still a pile of towels. Give me a sec...
Done! Woohoo! Now it's noon and I have to think about getting the boys.
I know why I feel a bit discombobulated and it doesn't have (much) to do with my mouth aching. Owie. Actually, it's because there are piles all over the house. Not of clean clothes anymore, but other things. There's the suitcase in our bedroom that's open and gathering clothes I want to pack for our trip home (yes, I'm an early packer). There are the paintings and other framed works piled against the walls because we don't want to bother with driving nails into concrete at the moment. There's the pile that's getting donated to the school for typhoon relief. There's the pile for Katherine's donation project. There's the multitide of paper/book/magazine piles that need to be shelved or thrown out. Piles piles everywhere, all in various states of doneness.

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