Friday, December 10, 2004


Last night was the Consular Christmas Party, held at the Century Park Hotel across the way from Harrison Plaza.

Even though it was in a ballroom, the party went from 3p.m.-whenever and was very casual. With a theme of "Naughty or Nice" there was quite a range of outfits which played into the Ms/Mr Naughty/Nice competition. The food was OK, the skits were fun and the people enjoyable. My biggest issue was the hotel apparently trying to create a winter wonderland atmosphere with ice sculptures and a room temperature that could create snow if only there was a little more moisture in the air. What was I thinking wearing a sleeveless shirt and neglecting a sweater or wrap? Jackie from NIV was kind enough to share her pre-costume dress which doubled nicely as a wrap.
I'll write about the skits later, or better, have Ian write about them. Right now it's breakfast time before going to Rockwell and see what's up with my cellphone. Of all days, yesterday it died on me. Then this afternoon we're seeing a story of Peter Pan at the CCP followed by Rebecca's ballet recital.
Oh, and while our donated single fare to Xiamen was the grand prize, we didn't stay to the end of the party to see if we could win it back.

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