Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Kinda sad...

The news from the Indian Ocean is horrific. What's kinda sad is how little other blogs I scan from the U.S. bother to talk about it. If they do at all. Do they really think that just because it's "way over there" it doesn't affect them too?

It's all the news there is on CNN Asia, and that's the way it should be. Not because we're actually -in- Asia. Not because we know people who live in the affected areas or visit there. Not because Americans were killed. Not because it could have been us - literally.
But because an estimated 60-80THOUSAND people have died and a large number of those deaths occurred in a matter of seconds the day after Christmas. If you live in a small town... imagine everyone you know washed away and the town dissolved. If you live in a medium sized town imagine the buildings gutted and every single person you know losing loved ones.
The devastation is incomprehensible, even to those who've survived massive flooding and California sized earthquakes. But being incomprehensible doesn't take away the responsibility we have for caring. I just really hope those bloggers are talking about the colossal loss of life in other forums . I hope it's made an impact on their consciousness in some way. I hope some of them have actually considered what they can do to help.
Because if the thought is that Sure, it could have been "here" but it wasn't... Because if hasn't made a blip in their lives... that says more about the average American personae than I care to admit.

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