Monday, December 20, 2004

Twas the Week Before Christmas

I'm enjoying the down time and the relaxed feeling from not driving all around town. Today it was just me and the kids at home. I couldn't figure out what was weird outside until I realized the driveway gate was closed and we hadn't left the house but to go the playground next door. Sure, it'll get boring eventually, but today was nice to spend the day cleaning, reading and even some playing with the kids.

Friday was the last day of school for all four of them. The boys had caroling at the Seafront offices, the girls had a 1/2 day and received their report cards. With all the parties already completed earlier in the week, I don't know what they could possibly have been doing on Friday. Anyhow, both girls did well, Katherine received a single D (they have four "grades" in 3rd grade... A(dvanced), M(eets Requirements), D(eveloping) and N(eeds Improvement)). Her D was in, what else, Listening. It's gotten to the point that we just chuckle. Bad parents, I know. But it's not that she's not learning or being disruptive, she's usually just too busy reading and we're working on that. She's gotten better with her in-class organization so there has been improvement. Small, but important.
That afternoon we spent at Glorietta where the kids had clothing and stage rehearsal for another modeling gig. Rebecca and Nicholas had been hired, while Katherine and Jonathon offered to do it on the spot and were accepted. At the moment, only the first two have been paid for it and I don't know if the other two will be as well. We'll see. They had fun anyhow. Jonathon loved being on the stage and struck some very silly poses. We've been practicing with Katherine to have her use a more natural walk than what she perceived was a "model walk" with flamboyant shoulder moved. With the shoulders toned down, she moved smoothly and looked lovely. The rehearsal was long, disjointed and chaotic, but it finally ended around 6 p.m. Ian met us there and we had dinner at the Outback. The afternoon had worn Jonathon out, he fell asleep on my lap and missed the Glorietta fireworks on the drive home. The other kids were thrilled though. Not just fireworks, but fireworks from the backseat of daddy's Jeep. They rarely ever get to ride in daddy's car, what a treat.
Saturday the vet was supposed to come by to deworm the cats (what a wonderful visual and I'm sure the cats won't have -any- memory of the last vet visit) but canceled at the last minute, so we lazed around the house all morning until showtime.
I wasn't going to sweat it even with the complete mess the place was in with kids all over the place, clowns and Santa, balloon animals and the worst MC ever. Though this show was being managed terribly I knew that in the end it would all work out. And it did. Katherine looked so much more comfortable, Rebecca met our goal of looking at the audience and smiling even as she raced from spot to spot, and the boys just looked cute. Jonathon got applause for hamming it up a bit. It was a fun afternoon.
Sunday was church, then (ugh) back to the mall... this time Rockwell. We took the family to see "National Treasure" on the recommendation of Catherine and Weston. It really was an enjoyable movie. A little too complicated in the storyline for the kids, but lots of action and mystery. Once home again, the gingerbread house took shape. Each member of the family got a piece to work on and without too much trouble it came together nicely. Perhaps I'll put up a page of photos.
We've seen another new movie, "Elf". I'd heard plenty of good recommendations and it is a cute movie. Not a fabulous movie, but cute and the kids enjoyed it.
OK, I'm off. It's evening now and I'm tired, but I told myself that tonight I'd finish up the kids' gifts and get them under the tree. Wish me luck!

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