Saturday, November 19, 2005

*Digging Out*

*stretch* *wipe pants* *wash hands* *stretch*

We received our HHE on Friday. Yes, everything that was packed up back in February is now back in our possession, and we've spent 2 days unpacking. So far, the boys' room is completely done. That's it. The girls room needs more work, but it's free of boxes. Our bedroom is just about done, but for the multitude of laundry piles with all the sheets and towels with a musty boxy smell. The den is habitable but far from presentable. The kitchen is free of boxes but the counters are unusable. The living room? Let's not go there. Tomorrow we'll do the last big unpacking, and next week I have Monday-Wednesday to do the major finishing up (refiling papers, organizing books, finding things in the kitchen) before Thanksgiving. We've invited a couple folks over for the holiday so I'd like the place to look neat.

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