Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Natural and Unnatural In the News

The Natural:
Bird flu has struck Indonesia with additional outbreaks in China

Last week there were new earthquakes in China and Iran, while Pakistan and India continue to try to get through the winter after their devastating quake.

In less than a month will be the one year anniversary of the 26 December tsumani that hit Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and as far away as the eastern coast of Africa.

The Unnatural:
Yesterday in the DRCongo, over 60 people died when a train crossed a bridge and items on the roof struck bridge support beams, throwing the people on the roof off the train onto the track or the into the river below.

For the first time, a woman has been elected head of an African country government. In Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf beat former soccer star George Weah for the position.

The longest serving head-of-state in Africa was reelected. President Omar Bongo of Gabon has taken his seat once again, and has been there since 1967.

A mine in China exploded. Over 140 have died.

The benzene spill from a factory in Jilin, China has passed the Chinese city of Harbin and is heading towards Russia on the Songhua and then Amur rivers.

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