Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why do we miss the fun stuff?

It never fails that once you’ve been somewhere, they decide to make it extra cool. Take Chiang Mai, Thailand. A year ago this month we were traveling around Bangkok and Chiang Mai, poking around temples, chatting with monks, visiting palaces and boating down the canals of the former Venice of Asia (no longer since most of the canals have been filled in).

A year later and Chiang Mai is opening their very own Night Safari Zoo, copied from the original Singapore Night Safari we did get to enjoy during our 2004 R&R. Only Chiang Mai is going a step further. Not only can you view the wildlife, but for the Grand Opening on New Year’s Day, VIP guests will be treated to an “Exotic Buffet.”

Anyone ever had a hankering to taste lion, giraffe or elephant?

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