Monday, November 21, 2005

Turkey Day approaches (updated)

Initially it was going to be the 6 of us.

Then I invited Emily, the American teacher at school. Then Ian invited Rona, the Political Officer at the Embassy. This evening Rona asked if three Peace Corps friends can come too. I'm happy to give them a place to be with friends for the holiday. We thoroughly enjoy being with Emily and Rona, so having their friends will only make our circle bigger. Now to hope for a miracle tomorrow to get turkey or chicken enough to feed our 5 extra people. Do you think anyone will mind a big pot of macaroni and cheese next to the stuffing?
While I'm thrilled to have the company we're having I assured Ian over and over again that our Marines would be taken care of. It's standard protocol for the Chief of Mission (in this case the DCM since we have no Ambassador yet) to watch out for those "left out" of the holidays, notably the Marines and singles not already accounted for. Well... simply put there are no plans for the Marines. This is a problem.
UPDATE: Well, plans have changed. We're -all- going to the Marine House and it's going to be a Embassy wide big potluck. I still plan to bring the macaroni and cheese.

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