Friday, April 7, 2006

"Spring" Break

It's not really "spring" break, is it? I mean, it's still about 88 degrees outside with about 88% humidity. But still, today is day three of our break.

Yesterday we made brownies and an Oreo cake. The three older kids went swimming. Twice. Jonathon played Big Thinkers on the computer. As a group we cleaned up the TV room. Complete with vacuuming, it took all of 15 minutes. Amazing what can be accomplished when we all pitch in. We played Harry Potter Scene It and watched 101 Dalmatians. The kids drew pictures... their individual flags, holidays, and some abstract swirls of color. Of course, there's homework each day and plenty of free play time too. They've been setting up a "Chinese" restaurant which I absolutely must patronize as they take orders and serve food dressed up in clothes Amy in Beijing sent them. They look adorable.
Last night I went to bed way too late, so I've been quite the grump today. I try to take my bad moods out on dirty sinks and piles of laundry, so this morning I cleaned our bathroom, helped Nicholas pick up his room which still looks fabulous from my deep clean a couple weeks ago, threw in a load of laundry, cleaned out a bunch of magazines to bring to the school and weeded through books in the girls' room (have you ever read the "... from the Black Lagoon" kids' series? It's awful, and I only just cracked one of them open today. I thought it would be good easy reading, but found the language itself rather pointless). Together we've had lunch and begun the Art Fraud Detective book. Now, they're watching Star Wars III, though it's not going so well. Jonathon was just put down for a nap because he's had one too many crying jags about the unfairness of mankind. Or at least of his brother.
In a couple hours Ian and I will head out to the store. We have a list of groceries we need and tomorrow is busy with his proctoring of the FS exam, and then a get-together for some recent promotions in the Embassy. Stores are only open 9-12 and 3-6, and closed on Sundays, so it's this afternoon or not again until next weekend.

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