Saturday, April 8, 2006

I usually hate doing these...

I certainly don't need to "know" what Super Hero Villain I am or what kind of mold I am. But I thought this was sort of interesting. To give you an idea of how good we've got it even out here in Togo.

Do you have:
[X] Your Own Cell Phone
[] A Tv In Your Bedroom
[X] An Ipod MP3 Player (my husband does, does that count??)
[X] A Photo Printer (An Inkjet Printer Which Does A Passable Job With Photos)
[ ] Your Own Phone Line (??)
[] TiVo Or A Generic Digital Video Recorder
[X] High-Speed Internet Access (Aka Not Dialup) (brand new! as of Thursday)
[ ] A Surround Sound System In Bedroom (not in the bedroom)
[ ] Dvd Player In Bedroom (not in the bedroom)
[X] At Least A Hundred DVDs
[X] A Childfree Bathroom
[] Your Own In-House Office
[X] A Pool
[ ] A Guest House
[ ] A Game Room
[X] A Queen-Size (Or Larger) Bed
[] A Stocked Bar
[] A Working Dishwasher (do the cook and Katherine count??)
[] An Icemaker (ice cube trays for us)
[X] A Working Washing Machine And Dryer
[] More Than 20 Pairs Of Shoes (for the entire family, yes)
[ ] At Least Ten Things From A Designer Store
[ ] Expensive Sunglasses
[X] Framed Authentic Art (Not Lithographs)
[X] Egyptian Cotton Sheets Or Towels
[] A Multi-Speed Bike
[] A Gym Membership
[] Large Exercise Equipment At Home
[ ] Your Own Set Of Golf Clubs
[ ] A Pool Table
[ ] A Tennis Court
[X] Local Access To A Lake, Large Pond, Or The Sea
[ ] Your Own Pair Of Skis
[ ] Enough Camping Gear For A Weekend Trip In An Isolated Area
[ ] A Boat
[ ] A Jet Ski
[ ] A Neighborhood Committee Membership (Homeowner's association..?)
[ ] A Beach House Or A Vacation House/Cabin
[X] Wealthy Family Members
[] Two Or More Family Cars
[X] A Walk-In Closet Or Pantry
[X] A Yard
[ ] A Hammock
[ ] A Personal Trainer
[X] Good Credit
[] Expensive Jewelry
[ ] A Designer Bag That Required Being On A Waiting List To Get
[X] At Least $100 Cash In Your Possession (I don't carry it with me though, that would be dumb)
[X] More Than Two Credit Cards Bearing Your Name (Not Counting Gas Cards Or Debit Cards)
[X] A Stock Portfolio
[X] A Passport
[ ] A Horse
[ ] A Trust Fund (Either For You Or Created By You)
[X] Private Medical Insurance
[X] A College Degree, But No Student Loans (ah, but Ian does.)
Do You:
[ ] Shop For Non-Needed Items For Yourself (Like Clothes, Jewelry, Electronics) At Least Once A Week
[ ] Do Your Regular Grocery Shopping At High-End Or Specialty Stores (Whole Foods & Trader Joes, You Decide)
[X] Pay Someone Else To Clean Your House, Do Dishes, Or Launder Your Clothes
[X] Go On Weekend Mini-Vacations (we used to and we will again)
[ ] Send Dinners Back With Every Flaw
[] Wear Perfume Or Cologne (Not Body Spray)
[] Regularly Get Your Hair Styled Or Nails Done In A Salon
[ ] Have A Job But Don't Need The Money OR
[X] Stay At Home With Little Financial Sacrifice
[X] Pay Someone Else To Cook Your Meals
[ ] Pay Someone Else To Watch Your Children Or Walk Your Dogs
[ ] Regularly Pay Someone Else To Drive You
[ ] Expect A Gift After You Fight With Your Partner
Are You:
[X] An Only Child
[ ] Married/Partnered To A Wealthy Person
[X] Baffled/Surprised When You Don't Get Your Way
Have You:
[X] Been On A Cruise
[X] Traveled Out Of The Country
[] Met A Celebrity (I don't know what constitutes a celebrity)
[X] Been To The Carribean
[X] Been To Europe
[X] Been To Hawaii
[X] Been To New York
[] Eaten At The Space Needle In Seattle
[ ] Been To Mall Of America
[X] Been On The Eiffel Tower In Paris
[] Been On The Statue Of Liberty In New York
[X] Moved More Than Three Times Because You Wanted To (As Opposed To Losing Your House Or Being Evicted)
[X] Dined With Local Political Figures
[X] Been To Both The Atlantic Coast And The Pacific Coast (In Any Country)
Did You:
[ ] Go To Another Country For Your Honeymoon
[X] Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding Or Party
[X] Take Riding Or Swimming Lessons As A Child
[X] Attend Private School
[] Have A Sweet 16 Birthday Party Thrown For You

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