Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 4

The kids were home today, a holiday for Togolese Independence Day. The real Independence Day, from the French (after the "independence" from the British when Ghana was split with the Brits taking present-day Ghana and the French taking current Togo, which was after the "independence" from the original European occupiers, the Germans).

I took a couple night time Tylenol last night and slept well until 8:30 this morning. The kids had gotten cereal and cartoons, so they were happy to let me sleep.
Just after 9 they went swimming for a bit before an early lunch. We learned Sable, like most dogs, will eat anything and seems to enjoy carrot slices. When Emily arrived, we made brownies, then she and the girls made oatmeal/chocolate chip/craisin cookies and played a couple games of Cadoo while the boys played Nemo on the computer and I scrapped some of last summer's home leave trip. It will be done before we go on R&R this summer!! It will! Really.
After Emily left, a couple kids joined me in scrapping until Ian called to say he'll be heading home tomorrow at 10 a.m. (9 our time). If all goes well, he'll be home before noon.
Katherine and I made ploye for dinner, which reminds me, we're running low and should order more. Leftover meatloaf, corn and stuffing make a nice filler for ploye, though the kids generally prefer breakfast ploye with sweet stuff inside.
We saw American Idol and Amazing Race, then everyone went to bed. Except me of course, I'm right here. I'll probably get a couple more pages of scrapping done before hitting the sack myself.

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