Saturday, April 1, 2006

Ian says I should pack our bags

Togo has withdrawn from the World Cup, citing "political instability" in the country. South Africa will be taking its place.

Making it to the World Cup was a huge boost to this country's moral, but the team has had nothing but problems since. They did miserably in the African Nations Cup held in Egypt, then lost their coach and a top player. And now, they quit the World Cup before it even starts. Just Thursday, reports had them preparing to train in Holland. *shakes head* Ian's expecting riots tomorrow. I think he's joking.

Togo can be really depressing.

In happy news, the George Mason Patriots are in the Final Four. I have never watched college basketball, but a couple games at our alma mater (not George Mason). But even I have to say it's pretty darn cool that my hometown school has done so well in March Madness 2006.

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