Monday, January 14, 2008


Not our blood, just stuff along the way.

--Wait, did I say not our blood? There's been a bit of our blood. Dry skin. Dry skin is miserable and with it comes a lot of scratching and indeed, we've drawn blood. One great thing about living in a tropical zone... plenty of humidity and no central heat!

I mentioned we went to play with the kittens at the Alley Cat Rescue in Brentwood, MD, right? I wanted to give Rebecca a chance to see a working rescue facility and talk to some of the volunteers and workers there. And of course we played with the kittens. ACR welcomes people of all ages to come in and spend time with the cats to keep them socialized before adoption and we had a ball. Ian was interested in one young cat, really reminiscent of our own Masala. No adoptions though, thank goodness.
The blood wasn't at the ACR either. On the way a couple blocks before our destination we saw a dog that had been just hit by a car. The dog wasn't going to make it, that was quite obvious, but adjacent to the ACR is the Brentwood Animal Hospital so the girls went with Ian to tell them about the accident. The poor doggy, and it was obvious the driver was distraught.
Our other incidence of blood was just the other night at the hockey game. It involved a puck moving so fast we saw it bounce off person #2 and get caught by person #3, and we all completely missed it hitting person #1 right in the face about 4 rows in front and 4 seats over from us. We did see the blood exploding out of his nose/mouth and the surrounding rows were appropriately grossed out.
I hope the rest of the trip is a little... less icky.

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