Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunrise in KL

I'm just happy I managed to stay snoozing until 6:15 this morning, and that the rest of the crew managed until 7. I think a girl or two are awake now, but all the boys are still out and I get to watch the sunrise out our hotel window where we also can see most of the KL Tower. So far our first impressions of KL are positive. The airport is nice, the taxi service sufficient and knowledgeable, the hotel staff accommodating and a Hard Rock Cafe' in easy walking distance. And it's warm outside. Warm warm warm. Sinuses are clearing, skin is less itchy. Prices are higher than I expected, we'll see how that translates to the city streets outside the hotel room service charges.

Not much to report since the sun is just rising and we haven't done anything yet. If we're even going to do anything, I think we're all tired and ready to laze around for a bit before returning home. I don't mind.

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