Friday, January 11, 2008

Hi from Chi-town

Michele's been really sucky at updating the site, so this is our first update since New Year's. Stuff happened, but I'll let Michele post that once she's good and ready....

We're here in O'Hare airport in Chicago, awaiting boarding for our flight to Madison, WI. I just got directions to our hotel, made sure that the car rental place has GPS units, and made sure that our rental was for 6 days, not the 2 that was set before. All this in an airport on my laptop. Yet another reason why it's easy livin' in America.

The kids just came back with McDonald's... this is the third or fourth trip there that I know of. That's fine -- after we get back to India, it'll be at least a year and a half, maybe more, until they get to go again.

I have to recommend United's EasyCheckIn for flights. You pick your seats online, print out boarding passes, and the check-in line flies through. It's too bad they don't do it for international flights.

We have free wireless at the hotel in Madison, so perhaps Michele will post something. Perhaps.....

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