Sunday, January 13, 2008

"That's Debatable"*

So the boys saw their first hockey game tonight. The girls had been to Atlanta Thrashers games the inaugural year, but the boys (not having been born yet) were uninitiated. Granted, the Milwaukee Admirals are a minor league team, but in out opinions that makes them that much more fun.

Our time in Wisconsin is going by quickly. We've had a snow flurry, the kids had a snowball fight in front of our hotel in Madison and built a snowman of sorts in a park by their grandma Grace's home. We saw Ian's mom last night and took her out for Indian food after a short walk along Madison's State Street. I think Ian's favorite part of this leg of the trip so far is the GPS unit in the car. It certainly does make the trips go by quickly. I'd always heard that Madison-Milwaukee takes 2 hours but we zipped along in less than 90 minutes and hopefully tomorrow's trips to New Berlin and then on to Wisconsin Dells will be as fleet and uneventful.

* "That's Debatable" : When a player would come out of the penalty box the announcer would say the teams were back at equal strength. The crowd would reply... That's Debatable! I thought it was one of the silliest things for fans to shout.

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