Sunday, January 13, 2008

*insert wolf howl here*

We're lounging in our room at the Great Wolf Lodge. And the GPS is worth it's weight in gold. An exaggeration, sure, now that gold has reached $900/ounce, but you get the idea.

It was tough getting up this morning but we finally managed some breakfast before leaving the hotel about 10:30. It makes me nervous leaving late, so I was not very pleasant this morning especially when Katherine came up from breakfast without Jonathon and had no idea he was even supposed to be with her. And she wants a cell phone. Right.
We decided to follow the GPS directions to New Berlin (a kinda remote suburb) to meet up with my grandmother and aunt for church. National is a major road, but a city road with stop lights about every 50 yards, and instead the all-knowing GPS took us from highway to highway and we arrived at my aunt's doorstep in 20 minutes. Milwaukee is a small town. We went to church then to the nearest mall where my uncle's family met up with us. A mall food court is an unconventional family reunion spot, but it works for a mixed group of 22 people from 10months to 70something, and we had the chance to sit for a couple hours and catch up before driving a couple hours to Wisconsin Dells and the Great Wolf Lodge.
Which is where we are now. Like I said. I'm tired.

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