Friday, February 22, 2008

Bug bite

Bug bites are nothing new. Mostly they're a nuisance with itching and potentially hives, though sometimes if the wrong bug gets you you'll end up with Dengue or one of its disease relatives. That's all just living in India. What I don't like are the spider bites and we've got plenty of spiders. I don't mind them as they eat the other annoying insects (and then the geckos eat them) but there are the occasions where they get into beds and take a chomp while we're sleeping. I'm pretty sure that's what got me on my ear. No, scratch that, in my ear. It's not a scratch or a sore, I know this because the pain has not remained localized. What started as just a sore spot has now radiated down to my jaw and up to my temple.

Stupid spider. It would seem we need more geckos.

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