Sunday, February 3, 2008

The week finally ended

It was a good week, all in all. We made it through work and school and have enjoyed our weekend.

Katherine got her report card. She was disappointed in herself, as well she should be. All As and Bs still, but of all her grades, one went up (Art), two remained the same and the rest... dropped. I have a feeling she'll take this quarter a little more seriously. No more class clown. It may take a couple weeks to realign herself with her job as a student, but I believe she can do it.
I can't get Flickr up and running, so no photos for general perusal yet. Sorry about that. Some of them turned out pretty good though.
I filled out the school survey form, turned in the Madras Kids forms, handwashed the India Week clothes, unpacked and put away all the clothes that were lingering in an open suitcase. Still an assortment of things to fill in and catch up on, but I'm getting there.
Rebecca had her first couple lessons of afterschool tennis. She doesn't like it as much as her private lessons because it's a group lesson and the other kids don't actually play, but instead play around. I'll sit in on her lesson on Tuesday and hopefully move things along, at least with the instructor. I don't care if the other kids play, in fact it's better if they don't because then Rebecca gets undivided attention and actual practice time. Selfish? Yes, but I'm paying for this class.
Jonathon started tennis with Coach Siva at our court. He had a good first lesson. I nearly croaked with my lesson today, but it feels good to play again.
Still figuring out piano lessons, there's a new teacher in town but Rebecca is being a pill and doesn't want to try her out. I need to get it straightened out soon so that all 4 kids can start in again.
And I'm still trying to coordinate First Communion lessons for the middle 2 kids. That needs to start this week as well.
OK, that's it for now. I feel like I have 10 things I should be doing, but can't figure out what to do first. Maybe I'll just go for a nap.

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