Friday, February 22, 2008


It's been a semi-busy week. Not much really going on, just with Ian gone to Bangalore the past few days I caught up on some things that had been lingering. No, not the ironing. That's just silly.

But all the lights that were burnt out in the house have been fixed. The wiring issues in the dining room have been tended too and currently there's someone in Katherine's closet figuring out what the deal with her light, or lack of light, is. The curtain that's been in a lump on the floor since we returned a month ago (the cats got their claws into it and yanked it down) has been rehung. The toy room has been cleaned out. I've even jimmied a scrapping corner. Monday the air conditioner in there should be fixed and then the room is usable. I'm working steadily through the pantry. I put together the 10 Commandment booklets we'll be using for catechism over the next few weeks. I've put together the information for discussing segregation and Brown vs. Board of Education for tomorrow's USA Day. Still need to make the timeline for that but it's not like there's too many photos to go with a court case. Segregation though shouldn't be too difficult. The crux of my section will be about the meanings of EQUAL and SAME. It should lead to some interesting discussion. Jonathon's blanket is almost done, then it's on to finishing Nicholas's.

Tonight we're off to a Chocolate Party. Don't know what that's all about, but we're going. And leaving the kids at home.

Oops, I forgot to order more cooking gas. And yes, I still know I need to do the ironing. There's always tomorrow.

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