Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekends used to be for relaxation, right?

It's not like I'm doing things I don't want to do. We had a good weekend, but it was busy with the usual.

Friday night was the chocolate party. It was exactly as it sounds, a table covered with a variety of chocolates meant for tasting and comparing and choosing. Milk chocolates on one side, darks on the other, a table with local bits for the kids (yeah, like you've never kept the good stuff for yourself), and a sideboard with cookies, brownies and cake. An assortment of real foods were prepared as well, considered palate cleansers between chocolate courses. Why is it I can snarf a whole mega KitKat but when faced with a table of delectable choices I couldn't manage more than 3 or 4 tastes? Well, the chunk of chocolate cake probably didn't help. I cast my vote for best chocolately goodness and if you know anything about me you know I picked the darkest option available, a 74% cocoa bit of deliciousness.
There was another item at the chocolate party that was not quite as tasty. One of our Consulate folks made cheese from a cheese-making-kit. The effort was good, the result though... it kind of burned. A theoretical cheddar wheel tasted more of a sour swiss without the goodness of swiss. It was edible mixed in the potato chowder though, I'll give it that.
So Saturday came along and Jonathon and I had tennis lessons. We're both getting better. I was told I need an additional lesson each week and I'm going to take that as a good thing. Muscles are aching these days though, with yoga Mondays and Fridays, Jazzercise Tuesdays and Thursdays and tennis on Saturdays there are some mornings I just creak out of bed. The girls were off to Madras Kids so I had time to pull together a discussion for our monthly USA Day, this month's topic of Black History Month. I was going to talk about Brown v. Board of Education and segregation in general, so a timeline/photos/discussion questions later we were ready. The girls got home from learning Wizard of Oz songs and we hopped right back in the car for USA Day. The kids heard about Rosa Parks, Jim Crow laws, segregation (duh), and MLK Jr.
The kids needed some down time, so we took them to the pool for a bit, did the pizza & movie thing, and hit the sack.
This morning, Rebecca and Ian had their tennis lessons. We've agreed to move Rebecca to Wednesday afternoon because she's really cranky not having a single day all week to sleep in. I don't blame her. Even though I'm up by 7:30 on the weekends anyway, it's nice to at least have an option to sleep in sometimes. Church followed, we were late, but all that meant was we didn't have to suffer through the opening song. Yeowch, awful music today. Again. Then catechism. The 10 Commandments continue, we started the story of Exodus and started our own 10 Commandment booklets. In the afternoon I watched "Prince of Egypt" with the boys, really like the music in that movie, and finished Jonathon's giant granny square blanket. On to Nicholas's blanket. I started reading Fight Club. I also managed to toss out my dried-up roses, swept the upstairs porch in anticipation of a new kitty in the house, clean the Senseo coffee pot, put away said coffee pot along with ice cream maker, kill a bazillion ants living in the bottom of Rebecca's lunchbox, reorganize the glasses/mugs cabinet and clear the top of the microwave, went through all of Rebecca's t-shirts to dispose of a bunch. Made lunches for the kids for tomorrow, made dinner for tonight, planned tomorrow's dinner and dessert menu (oh yeah, still need the rest of the week, hmmm)... and I brought up the shirts to iron. No, silly, I haven't actually ironed any yet. There's always tomorrow.

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