Friday, February 29, 2008

In another year it would be March Madness

But instead the 29th was just Leap Day madness. No, not true madness. Was just a packed day.

Got to get Katherine up for Madras Kids and Jonathon up for tennis so you just get a quick rundown.

8 a.m. - off to school with Rebecca in the car. She had her Home Country presentation. Along with her posters and pictures and paragraphs, Ian taught the kids the basics of American football and I had the kids practice folding the flag. We brought in jell-o beans, the other parents brough mac&cheese. It all ran an hour and 15 minutes.

nearly 10 - Ian and I had taken the morning off ("day" off for me), so we went to Ascendas to Barista for an iced coffee and time to chat.

12 - at the Consulate for some lunch and to check out Rashika, a material/salwar/sari/kurta shop that's right near our house but was selling items in the CLO's office. I have a top being tailored, for pick-up in 2 (ok, 3) weeks.

1 - Errands with Gwen. (See, the neighbor has a name)

2:30 - home for 90mins of quiet

4 - three kids home, HW done

4:30 - Katherine home, some food eaten, some laundry done

5:30 - Katherine returned to school

6:30 - the rest of the family went to the school for the MS and HS yearly Cabaret.

9:30 - home

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