Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

It was tough to get up this morning. We're keeping our Chennai schedule, having lunch at 2 or 3, dinner happens at 9:30. But in a city that has such a hopping nightlife we're one of the first heading back to the hotel to find our beds.

This morning was the first of 6 visits to the clinic. It's a long story so I won't bore you. Suffice to say it took up all morning and is the actual purpose of our visit to Singapore. We'll be spending time at the clinic every day next week,
While Katherine was upstairs, the rest of us hung out in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They have really really good hot cocoa. And even better bagels. With cream cheese. It's my dream breakfast. Seriously. I was so happy.
Then we walked over to the Cold Storage grocery store and emptied the place. A slight exaggeration, but what else do you call bags of bing cherries, oranges, apples, a box of Lucky Charms, mini Mars Bars, cheddar cheese cubes, feta and garlic potato chips, and a handful of noneatables? The bing cherries didn't last long, the other fruits are for breakfast tomorrow. It's all good.
We grabbed a cab back to the hotel to drop off our goodies before going to the Suntec Plaza and sushi. The last time Katherine and Ian were here, they went out for sushi, the kind on a conveyor belt, or as the kids like to call it, a sushi-go-round.
Oh, which reminds me of yesterday when we were at Brewerkz. When we'd ordered our drinks Jonathon very politely pointed out "Shouldn't we order 2 bottles of chilled water too?" Hee.
Back to today, the sushi place. We had quite a bit of fun tasting the variety of foods on offer. A roll with tuna inside was a big hit, as were teppanyaki fried crab. Jonathon liked the raw salmon. Everything went over well except the squid balls. In the boys' meals were balls of some random starch filled with itty bitty octopus tentacles. Honestly they could have passed for maggots, they were just the right size, shape and color. Katherine ate one (she eats anything) and said it kind of grossed her out too. With tentacle stuck in her teeth. The Donut shop where we bought a dozen various delicious morsels made it all better.
We wandered through the malls. Mall after mall after mall. No need to experience the outdoors, even with how nice it was. We're looking for new tennis shoes for Rebecca and so far we haven't found anything like a Payless here, but it's still fun to look.
We needed a break so returned to the hotel for some downtime with a nap (for me), DS9 and doughnuts. Hot cocoa and Krispy Kreme type doughnuts is my second favorite breakfast.
The kids went swimming and at 8 we searched for dinner. Eating out gets old, I'm glad we at least have our breakfasts covered here in the room. And if we plan well enough, we can do a late lunch/early dinner and only have to make one eating out decision. We won't be that lucky every day. Tonight we ended up at McDonalds. A very American meal for our Independence Day.

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