Friday, July 25, 2008

Sing it with me! "We have got a Bid List! We have got a Bid List!"

Duh du du du du DUH! Da-duh du du du du DUH! I'm envisioning myself in a conga line...

Ian got no work done in the office today.
The list came with instructions (it's the government, people, of course it came with instructions), so we now know that of our 150 options around the world, we have to make a list of 6 At Grade choices (numbered 1-6, #1 being our top pick), and we can then add on any others after that. At Grade simply means in his Cone (his area of experience) and at his Grade Level (he's currenly an 03). We are at a Differential Post (we get extra $ for living in a hardship country), so that eases the Grade Level requirement a bit. They expect that people in hardship posts have had weird things thrown at them and have had to shoulder some additional responsibilities, so some of the bids can be a "stretch," meaning he can try for a higher 02 position.
#1 FSI
followed by London, Sydney, Brussels, Romania, in no particular order yet. Other considerations are Vancouver, Amman, Moscow, and for some reason Ian keeps gravitating to Taipei.
It's Christmas, only you get to pick your own present. Like kids who make a carefully chosen wish list and know for sure that one of those fabulous gifts will be theirs. The hardest part is figuring out which potential gifts should even be on the list, and then which of all the wonders is the absolute best and he should just ask for. Ah, the stress.
We took our minds off it all to watch "Beowulf." A CGI flick? I didn't know. I sort of feel I should read the book now.

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