Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just One More Thing.

Yesterday on our way to the Consulate for lunch I noticed a gas station that was just packed with cars. That is odd. Our driver said the station had regular gas, apparently something rare these days where premium is available (at over $6.00/gal) but regular is short or plain unavailable. Other news says it's all about a delayed tanker. Still others say it's all about diesel. Whatever the reason, it's ominous.

I knew gas was expensive, I just didn't expect shortages. At leat not yet. Our car is at 1/4 tank and will remain so until we return, but what then? I'm hoping things will ease over the next week as the gov't has claimed, but I'm also realistic in realizing this might only be the beginning.

Scott Carney wrote a bit about it on his blog: http://www.scottcarneyonline.com/blog/index.html

And speaking of fuel and fuel prices... our trip to Singapore? The tickets cost about $3000. A full 1/3 of that is a fuel surcharge. Yup, $1000 to pay for the fuel, just for the 6 of us. Insane.

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