Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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It's my birthday today. I'm 34.

I slept in until 11 a.m.

We had lunch at Sushi Tei in the Paragon Mall. The kids really wanted to go to a sushi-go-round again, and this one Katherine and Ian went to back in May. It was quite nice and quite tasty.
Since I didn't even get up until after 11 (the kids were up after 9:30, repercussions of a 1 a.m. bedtime), lunch took up most of our time before our clinic appointment at 2:30. And the clinic took up until 5:30, though for my birthday we stopped at the Coffee Bean for a hot cocoa and cream cheese on sesame seed bagel. You know my thoughts on that already. The three kids got gelato next door, and we all spent another $60 at the Cold Storage on more bing cherries, chips, cheese cubes, yakult, peanut M&Ms... you get the idea. Come Saturday it'll be a while before we have these treats again. It's all good.
We dropped off our goodies at the hotel and watched some Price is Right (Drew Carey isn't the same, but the games are all the classics again!) before descending on Borders.
First we had to get to Borders which involves traipsing through other malls and maneuvering through underground passages with escalators and stairs both up and down. On one escalator Jonathon was a few steps ahead of me heading down and was shaking his foot. It didn't take but a second before I realized his Croc was stuck between the step and the side and was getting chewed up as we descended. A quick shout to Ian, who was closest, to yank his foot out and then worry about the shoe meant his foot escaped unscathed. His Croc is no more. The stairs caught the back strap and ripped it out, and the part by his big toe is torn up. He'll be wearing his tennies from now on, and will hopefully remember this for a long time. The kid keeps messing around on the plethora of escalators we meet up with, but then his bad experience in 2005 with an elevator hasn't tempered his behaviour around them, so who knows.
Back to Borders: Oh Borders, how I enjoy your well-stocked shelves of reading goodness. How your pages and smell of new print entice me. I could live happily in a Borders. With no room in our bags already, we bought 7 books. In my defense, 3 are Ian's and not ones I'm likely to read. Of the other 4, one really caught my eye especially since we did the Battle Box tour. It's entitled The Battle for Singapore by Peter Thompson and looks to be a great read.
Katherine found several books of interest but we're still trying to guide her reading into brighter topics. I know kids regularly go through phases of Goosebumps or the Twilight series, but they aren't the best material for her right now. Finding mysteries or exciting tales she'll actually enjoy seems to be quite a hurdle. If you have recommendations for teen reading that doesn't involve romance, fantasy/scifi or vampires, please let me know.
It was 8 by the time we arrived at Tony Roma's for dinner. The kids sang Happy Birthday and Katherine commented it was good I was having a birthday because without me they wouldn't be here. Aw. Nicholas said if I wasn't here they couldn't go to Singapore. Um, OK. Jonathon chimed in his two bits without stopping his chewing to say without me there'd be no rib eating. Good to know I'm good for something!
So yes, 34 has started quite nicely thanks to my amazing family. Ian had grand plans for my day, but really, spending time with them was all I needed or wanted.

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