Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some odds and ends

The bid list hasn't been released yet. It was supposed to come out July 1st (or 2nd?) but was delayed 2 weeks. We should hopefully get it this week. Our plan still stands to head back to Virginia, though I have to say that if a good position opened in Singapore, we'd probably bid on it in a heartbeat. Well, I would at least.

I've put photos up of our trip. They are very much an abbreviated version of what we saw and did, but you get the idea. We stayed busy.

I'm sure there's more to blab about, but I'm done for today, meaning I'm crashing. No one has to wake up tomorrow, so that's nice. And here's a good thing, something my mom and dad will understand... Katherine went to bed before 9 tonight. She didn't stay up to read, she was actually tired enough (aren't we all?) to just want to go to sleep. I'm optimistic.

With that, goodnight.

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