Wednesday, January 9, 2013

But don't you live in a desert?

Even deserts get cold.  Really cold.  At night, in winter, the daytime temps vary drastically from the drop to nighttime temps.

And if it is winter, then yes, Virginia... the desert does get snow.

Wednesday afternoon, after rain and hail from Saturday night onward , the moisture turned to snow.  This was us late Wednesday afternoon (above).

Coming Thursday morning, after a full night of snow... and it is still snowing at 10 a.m.... we have a significant accumulation.  Enough for a snowball fight.  Enough for little snowmen.  Enough for another day off school. Oh who am I kidding... the day off yesterday was for rain.  There has been so much rainfall in the past week that the reservoirs are filling by record rates, streets are closed and tunnels are flooded.  Amman is big on tunnels.  Following the British system of roundabouts, in order to bypass an intersection we have tunnels under the circles.  Several are filled with several feet of water as the drainage systems are overwhelmed.

This is us today, Thursday, 10 January.  The kids are off school today, the Embassy even closed.  I'll take a photo of the road outside our driveway and you'll see why.

Our front entry, where the rain was pouring in earlier in the week through the ceiling.  The dripping has stopped, most probably because all the liquid is now frozen.

The snow has drifted against the glass door and in the backyard where the snow has settled nicely on tables and chairs I'd venture it's 2-3 inches deep.

The driveway slants up, and the street outside the gate slants down at a steep angle, plateaus at a cross-street, then has a drop off into a valley with a road at the bottom.  It's a scary road on dry days, iffy on wet days, and not even worth an attempt on days like today when the snow covers a sheet of ice.

And it's still snowing.

I'm sitting here in the kitchen watching the snow fall outside, listening to the quiet as everyone is still sleeping. It's remarkable.  I never thought it would be like this in Jordan, never in a million years but I'm thankful it is.

I'm even more thankful that there's a Starbucks within walking distance.  A perfect excuse to go out and enjoy the beauty of snow in Amman.

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  1. So lovely and peaceful!! And yes, I am happy that Amman just closes down for weather like this. Stay in and safe (except for coffee!).