Monday, January 14, 2013

Food Stuff

So tonight's dinner was tacos.  We didn't have lettuce but we had spinach which I sneakily and cleverly referred to as "the green stuff" because otherwise a kid or two might not have eaten it.  Not really, but they do question my sanity when I provide spinach for tacos instead of lettuce.

Spinach is dirty.  Really dirty.  I have a bottle of fruit&veg wash for just such a time.  What I didn't realize is that for some reason spinach here comes with, well.... you tell me, what is that??

If you're like me, you're saying... WHAT THE...?

I mean, what is that?  It was wrapped.  It was in the package.  And after a quick (yes, I'll admit) sniff, determined it wasn't what I feared and instead seemed to be simply a block of mud.

Someone explain to me why anyone would package a block of mud with chopped spinach leaves.  Is it a freshness thing?  Is it a flavor thing?  Is it good luck? Was someone playing a joke?  

I'm guessing I'll never know.  And that's probably a good thing.

After dinner I switched gears and chose a very non-mud inclusive food.  Cake doughnut drops.  It's an extremely simple recipe.  Unfortunately the last time I bought flour I wasn't paying attention and picked up two bags of coarse ground flour.  This stuff would make bread into a brick, but I took my chances with the doughnuts, allowing the batter/dough sit in the fridge several hours to absorb as much liquid as possible.

They fried up nice and crispy on the outside, rolled in cinnamon sugar like champs, and were tasty through and through at the end.  Knowing about the flour issue I might think the holes were just a tiny bit... I don't know, crunchier?... than normal.  But that didn't make them bad, not in the least.

Even better, there are leftovers for my coffee in the morning.

Thank you recipe doubling.

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