Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 6 Months to Us!

The boys had a snowball fight.
The snow packed beautifully but turned to slush.

Nicholas decided rolling down the hill was a great idea.

Thankfully there were no cars.
And it distracted them from the idea of sleds.

Palm trees are unimpressed.


I promised we'd go to Starbucks if we were all off.

The end of our road disappeared in fog.

Starbucks was A-OK.

The coffee mug is a little out of perspective.
It's not as big as her knee.
And why does it look like they are in a ski lodge?

Amman.  The land of the smoking Starbucks snowman.

In front of our home is a hill.
A big hill.
A hill that ends in a little road with a little barrier.
And then the hill continues on into a ravine.
The ravine is covered in fog.

Does snow make next year's olive harvest even better?

Happy the lockout is over.

Our home.

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