Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Juiced

Hello Christmas present.  It was bought for Ian, but I have to admit I'm enjoying it quite a bit.  The best part besides the juice, it's so easy to wash.  See, we'd love to own a waffle maker, but we used to own a waffle maker years ago and while the waffles were yummy, cleaning the iron was nigh impossible.  We couldn't make waffles, clean up quickly, and look forward to doing it again.  It was just always icky with leftover bits stuck here and there, waffle batter stuck on, dribbled on the counter, cooked into the hinge. OK, we probably just didn't know how to make waffles properly but if the learning curve means a colossal cleanup every time, it's just not fun.  The juicer parts are easily rinseable, the catcher bag makes the pulpy stuff easily disposable, and the grater plate is the only thing that takes a few minutes of scrubbing with a brush in the sink.  Easy.

It's a lovely thing to see a bowl full of goodness turned into a large cup of goodness.  True, it's light on the fiber when you juice fruits and vegetables, but it's so darn tasty.  And while I'd have a hard time eating 2 carrots, a cucumber, a pomegranate, 2 kiwis, a lemon, and an orange, I can drink it all just fine.  Ian had the cup with the broccoli and celery added.  I haven't ventured into broccoli yet and celery will never enter my cup.

Voila.  Juice.  Healthy fruit and veggie mix perfect for either breakfast, a snack, or an after dinner dessert drink.