Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Remember this?

Four sets in.

Back in June I decided to teach myself how to knit with the help of youtube.  My mom tried before but I didn't stick with it and everything she showed me went out the window.

I can sew enough to know how a sewing machine works as long as I have a manual handy.

Side A: Shirts from my childhood.

Side B: Shirts from my kids' childhoods.

I can also crochet just fine, FYI, yet so many patterns are labeled for knitting and there was a hole in my repertoire.  So with a set of circular needles and a will to make something, anything, I picked a blanket that not only changed colors but changed stitch with every color.

Keeping it simple, my friends, keeping it simple.  At least I didn't dive right into socks or sweaters, right?  I'm not completely insane.

I'd love to proclaim that 7 months later it's complete.  Alas, that would be a lie.  And lying is bad.

Instead I'll say Hey look!  Progress!

24 1/2 sets in.