Monday, January 7, 2013

Petra was Awesome, then we went to Aqaba

How can we not love a place that has a Cat Cafe'?

We stayed at the Movenpick Tala Bay resort.  It's pretty awesome.  With 7 pools (one with a slide), 3 jacuzzis, beach, Zara Spa, Scuba certification, snorkeling, 4-wheeling, there was plenty of fun to be had even on the 2nd of January.

Of course we didn't do it all, we couldn't nor did we want to.  The water was warm enough to snorkel, so that's where the family headed.

The underwater viewing included coral and a sunken ship.  Aqaba is a port city and to get to Tala Bay we drove past serious transport ships and cruise ships.  This is where our household effects arrived, afterall.  But for all that, the water is clear and lovely.  The beaches are clean.  And the family had fun paddling around for an hour finding Nemo and sea slugs.

We ate, we rested, we played Scrabble and Yahtzee, we ate more, we read on the beach and watched movies in the room.  Truly we enjoyed doing a lot of nothing while the kids swam and spaaaaaa-ed.  

Next time either Ian and the girls will get Scuba certified or we'll do some 4-wheeling.

Decisions, decisions.

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