Saturday, October 25, 2003

All partied out.

I'm tired of parties. They are exhausting. Of course, the kids will never tire of them. But since August I have been to...

1) Manon's 4 year party (at home, but with a full puppet show, face painting)
2) Annika's 1 year party (well, you know about that one)
3) Sam's 4 year party (at The Little Gym, gymnastics room for little kids)
4) Eric's 7 year party (at the Polo Club bowling alley, full buffet, face painting, ice cream cart)
5) Rebecca's in-class Halloween party (2 classes of Kindergarteners, need I say more?)
6) Seafront Halloween party (MC, games, moon bounce, haunted house, etc etc, and of course, T-o-T)
7) Shawn's 9 year party (at a McDonald's party room, complete with games, cake, enough food for an army and a visit by a giant bird)

And Katherine has been to another classmate's party at Kids at Work and yet another in an apartment buidling penthouse.

And this week another party is scheduled for the 31st at Kids at Work.

I'm trying to lead Katherine either towards a swim party or a small slumber party. Wish me luck. As for Rebecca, perhaps something at the playground next door. I told Katherine the other day that this isn't how parties are done in the U.S. I guess she's been listening to some of the things I say. "But we're in the Philippines, mom, we should do things they way they do them here."

My goodness, I'm tired of parties.

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