Monday, October 27, 2003

Houston, we have intelligable speech

It's getting closer to the time where I can put away my secret decoder ring.

I'm coming to realize that much of what I thought was gibberish coming from Nicholas is actually an expanded vocabulary. I could never figure out a word, but now racking my brain I'd say something that might be it, and lo and behold... that's what he was saying. The other day it was something along the lines of "mayhe". Mayhe? Ok mom, think, think... put it into context, think... "Amazing?" I'd ask him. Yes! A point for mom!
He's such a chatterbox. A year ago, I never thought there would come a day that I would look at him and say "Nicholas, be quiet! You're talking too much and I can't hear anyone else!", but that time has come.
We're still missing a lot of sounds. Several from the beginning of words (i.e. F, S, SH, L, R, K... ok, lots) and several all together (i.e. G, TH). While we're working on those, he has in the meantime successfully replaced "me yes" with "I", and we hear "May I have...." which is simply music. Get him on a topic he likes (Star Wars, Spiderman) and he won't stop talking. His grammar is coming along slowly as well and he's become so much more open to correction, using past tense and putting in all the words required for a proper sentence. We used to hear "Help me my 'oes" and we're getting to "Please help me put on my shoes" It's coming!

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