Wednesday, October 1, 2003

The lost Mew

The kittens are growing and getting better each day. Bopis is a bruiser and 100% kitten, popping around, lunging at things, hiding climbing and chewing. Thank goodness their room is like a padded cell and she can only attack the toys they have and her brother. Poor Pomelo though, he's taking a bit of a beating from her, but he's starting to get the energy to fight back and even initiate some offensive periodically. The deworming, amoxocillan and vitamins seem to be kicking in well. He's gaining weight, his eyes are clear and his favorite activity is climbing onto Ian's shoulder and purring while the world goes by. The only issues we see currently are that he's losing some fur around his nose and chin and he's lost his Mew. He tries, he makes the attempts, but no sound is eminating. It's mildly surreal.

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