Thursday, October 2, 2003

Land of the Lost (and Forgotten)

While Katherine's hand repairs itself (and the nails are looking more icky by the day as they prepare to be released from their bonds), I wonder how someone can survive without the ability to remember anything. We learned yesterday that she cannot find her glasses. She strains in the evening to read her bedtime story so I asked to make sure that at school she could read fine with her glasses (while thinking we need a second pair for at home now). We hear that she doesn't know where they are as they aren't in the one place they should never move from.. her desk. Not her desk, not her chair bag, not her backpack, not her bookshelf at home. No clue where they went. Not good. She will be looking everywhere and asking everywhere. It's my own fault I never labelled the case.

Then this morning she left her science project at home so the boys and I made a trip to the school to drop it off. Only to come home and find her homework folder still on her desk with her list of read books for the week. I guess I should be thankful that I already had plans to go back to the school this afternoon for Rebecca's ECLC read-a-thon.

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