Tuesday, October 7, 2003

That's Entertainment

When the days are quiet, the evenings are filled with the mutter of the television.

We've finally seen "Chicago" and I think the hype rather ruined it for us. While it was enjoyable to watch, I was to the point of expecting gold nuggets to fall out of the screen. Oh well. I'll toss it in the category with "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Fun to watch, but I wonder why everyone was tripping over themselves to see it.
On the other hand, we've discovered the treasure trove called amazon.uk. Michael Palin's "Around the World in 80 Days" was among the first of our purchases, along with Palin's "Sahara" series and "The Best of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends." All shows we've thoroughly enjoyed in the snippets we've caught on TV. We're still waiting on Palin's "Pole to Pole" and "Full Circle". Oddly enough, the channel I choose to watch the most on TV here is Discovery Travel and Adventure. I guess you can never know too much about the places you just might go to next. Of course I could do without the number of Las Vegas and "Most Expensive Hotel Rooms" shows they like to repeat ad nauseum.
The two shows I can't do without still are Survivor and CSI. CSI shows on Wednesdays and unfortunately they're still all old repeats. We're slowly purchasing the seasons on DVD. They are on sale here (real, valid, legal copies!) for double the price on-line so we stick with amazon. Survivor shows on Sundays and I'm loving the current series. Arg, me mateys, there be pirates afoot!

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