Monday, October 13, 2003

Someone stop time!

All we have to do is make it to Sunday night.

Let's see.
1) Tomorrow is a typical nutty Wednesday when I do the frantic drop-off and pick-up boogy with Katherine and Rebecca between the Daisy meeting and Religious Ed.
2) Katherine has a project due on Friday on the seasons in Virginia. It's coming along really well, but it should have been done over the weekend.
3) President and Mrs. Bush are arriving (and departing) Manila on Saturday. Everyone in the Embassy is working overtime. Saturday will see Ian doing airport duty all day, while I'm either with Katherine at Malacanan Palace or with the other kids at the Chancery.
4) That same afternoon, the kids have been invited to a birthday party at the Manila Polo Club. Of course, the party is for a soon-to-be ONE year old *sigh* but we'd get to see the Members Only Polo Club. Heck, maybe we could get someone to sponsor us so the girls could take riding lessons.
5) Sunday is the Girl Scouts Investiture ceremony. A great thing for Rebecca, a sore spot for Katherine. Her troop leader still hasn't arrived back from being Stateside, so not only hasn't Katherine done anything Brownie related, she's going to miss the ceremony on Sunday as well. The troop leader didn't want anyone to start in her stead, and I really think it's been a disservice to the girls who were to be part of the troop. How frustrating.
But then by Sunday evening it will be done.
Of course, next week I have to figure out the whole Halloween thing. I don't like Halloween and had hoped that once we left the shores of America it wouldn't be much of an issue anymore. Oh no. Every store is stocked with masks and pumpkins. The girls are having costume parades and parties in the classroom. We haven't even discussed costumes yet and I'm really not looking forward to it. Only a week to go.
Next month will be quieter. A beach trip, and Thanksgiving we're going to Enchanted Kingdom.

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