Wednesday, October 15, 2003

School projects

Wanted to put in a quick note on the projects Katherine has been doing at school, just so we remember in the years to come.

Katherine's teacher gives them 2 weeks to do a project, then a week between as a break. So far this year she has done the following.
1) A "Me" box, decorated with pictures of things she likes and filled with 5 items that she felt were important to her. One was a CD of music she likes ("Frente" of all things), a shell (because she loves the beach), a photo of the famly (duh), a package of cookies (apparently her favorite from here, I didn't know!) and a neon pink lizard magnet from Hawaii. I guess Hawaii made a rather large impact on her.
2) A name card with her name, meaning (searched out on the internet, it means "Pure" by general consensus) and a picture or drawing of herself. She chose the drawing.
3) A science project for their Weather unit. A choice of making a wind sock, pinwheel or weather vane. The sheet gave directions on how to make each one. She chose the weather vane. Turned out nice.
4) The one getting handed in tomorrow is a Language Arts project still following the weather unit. She was to interview a parent on the weather in the parent's home country, what festivals are held, etc. and then put it on paper. If I do say so, it turned out really well. Take a look at

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