Saturday, January 1, 2005

The Amazing Stats!

Hey, we're easily thrilled :)

In February 2004 (January has fallen off the 12-month chart already and I don't want to go searching for it), we had an average 79 visits to our website per day and a monthly total of 2300 visits. That's not too shabby!
Fast forward to December 2004, and our numbers are slightly higher with 251 daily visits and and an average 7800 per month.
Folks find us through search strings and direct request; and people visit us from the UK to Japan to Brazil to Croatia to South Africa to Israel. In all, 53 countries logged in during the month of December.
Of course some of our hits are junk and a number of them are a result of having a lot more -stuff-on our site since 12 months ago. We've had several people this year find us and e-mail questions ranging from generalizations on Manila to specifics about the Foreign Service. It's been fun knowing we've played a small role in helping some folks with their visit or move here. We've even been linked to on other FS sites which was never my goal.
My parents keep up with the kids and our activities through, which is the purpose of this site. In addition there are other people reading our site, which is just plain exciting!
2005 promises to be another adventurous year. Thanks for reading!

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