Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A little Catching Up

Three whole days since last I wrote? Shocking! So, what's going on anyway? I'm tired, so just a quick rundown.

Ian is having some issues getting his pilot's license. More about that if he feels the need to share.

Katherine is gearing up for her 9th birthday and her next swim meet.

Rebecca is still having troubles reading. What age do kids get evaluated for reading problems?

Nicholas is really blooming (he's 4, I can use that term for a boy) with his speaking and his socializing.

Jonathon has become very clingy, mostly in a good way.

The cats.. are going to a new home, on the 14th. They'll be indoor/outdoor cats there in a secure yard, which is a good thing because they have both been making more escape attempts when the door is left open.

Our stuff. Well, we had our packout survey done on Monday and the first wave of packers arrive next Monday. All that stuff will be going direct to VA and direct to Togo.

Things have been going so smoothly, I'm waiting for the bottom to drop out.

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