Saturday, January 1, 2005

What else is there to do on New Year's Day?

What's there to do on January 1? Oh, I suppose we could be bundled up by a fire. Maybe building snowmen somewhere. Or perhaps walking downtown with our noses red and a chill in our bones?


Today the weather was cloudy in the morning while we stayed home, cleaned up a bit, played computer games and board games, and had a leisurely brunch of omelettes, bagels, and cereal. There were no major fights and even minimal bickering. Is this an auspicious beginning to the year? Smooth sailing in 2005?
As I mentioned previously, children out of the house are happy children, so we decided to go out for a bit. The skies cleared, the sun beat down as the breeze picked up. The weather was lovely and Ian had an idea. Across the street from The Fort is Par 43. Minigolf.
Six clubs and six balls, please!
We began the course and had a blast. No one fought, no one even bickered. No one cared how lousy the plastic greens were. No one complained if it took 7 shots to get the ball in the hole. We took our proper turns, we enjoyed the shady spots, just about everyone got a hole-in-one at some point and it was proclaimed "lots of fun".
It was thirsty work, so we drove over to the nearby Market! Market! that Ian hadn't been in yet. He wasn't impressed. It may be 5 levels, but it's dreary inside, half the stores still haven't opened or were closed for the holiday and there were throngs and throngs of people. Worse, we were a spectacle again everywhere we went even when waiting for fruit shakes. Ah well. Market! Market! has a huge outdoor covered playground the kids enjoy, so we had our drinks and a snack then let them play for a bit. By the time we returned home it was nearly 4:30. As they say, time flies when you're having fun.
The only one not having fun today was Jonathon. He's been sick for the past few days, it appears to be a cold. But today while we were at minigolf he became feverish and didn't want to play, so he sat on the side of each hole as we completed the course. At the mall he had a fruit shake to cool down as well, then promptly fell asleep on my lap and slept on daddy's lap while the other kids were at the playground.
A bath at home seemed to make him feel better and medicine before dinner will help him to sleep soundly tonight. What a way to start the new year. Poor little guy.

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