Sunday, January 2, 2005


We discovered somewhere new today. "Mati" on the ground floor of Powerplant.

It's a Greek restaurant with tasty food. You can get there either from the street (Amanpolo?) or from within, down the corridor next to the Mont Blanc store.
The moussaka was yummy, the chicken tender and Ian said his gyro was really good. We highly recommend it.
We also give a thumbs up to a new computer game series (for us, I don't know when it actually came out). The "ClueFinders" games are fun and actually a little difficult. There are games for 3rd through 6th grades and Katherine has completed the 4th grade edition. It has loads of math in it, which she has troubles with in school.
In other news, Jonathon bounced back today and was as sweet as could be. How could I say no to anything the boy asked for when he held my hand through most of dinner, gave lots of kisses and told me he loved me.

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