Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I made a new friend today.

How weird does that sound? I made a new friend. But heck, it's a good think no matter what age you are, and I should get used to it with this lifestyle.

Christy found our website when there was a chance she and her husband would be moving here from Hong Kong. At the end of last year she e-mailed, they did a scouting trip to find a place to live, and moved into the neighborhood next to ours mid-December. She e-mailed me again now they're a bit settled and we met for coffee at the Starbucks at San Antonio Plaza.
For 2 1/2 hours I nursed my marshmallow mocha and we chatted a little about everything. She's fun to talk to and I can only hope that whatever information I have to impart to her can be of use. Tomorrow we're going to the bazaar. Should be fun.
In other news, my dad got a job promotion. His new title is way cooler and I think he'll be much happier. Longer travel, but less often which will be easier on him in the long run. Congrats!

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